Still life study
If you follow this easy tutorial by our awesome mentor Bryant Koshu, you will never have a problem painting or drawing a still life ever again! You don’t believe us? Pick any object around you, grab your favorite sketchbook or tablet, and follow these simple rules:
Don’t be a photo scanner!
Tracing over a photo or copying exactly what you see isn’t the way to be. Do still life from real life. Not photos.
Imagine in simple shapes
Before you start drawing, try to imagine what simple shapes make up your study object. Boxes, cylinders, triangles, etc...
Rough sketch it up
Rough sketch your study. It doesn’t have to look clean at this stage. All you want to get is the gesture and the overall look of the study object.
Use shapes as guideline
Having these simple shapes will act as a perspective grid for you studies. You get a better understanding of its dimension and volume.
Refine the overall look
Do a clean line pass with the help from the guidelines. They will help with accurate angle and sense of volume with the drawing.
Detail and texture pass
Here is where you can start focusing more on the details. *Make sure the texture lines aren’t as thick or darker than the overall lines*
Master the art of study
By properly studying, you build a visual vocabulary and able to draw and manipulate that same object in any way and form now.
Come to the Digital Drawing side and the Mandalorian with mentor Bryant Koshu!

During the workshop, you’ll learn how to search for references, use Photoshop and Procreate tools, make quick sketches, work with volume, light, shadow, and much more.

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