Why should you develop a set of skills?
A professional’s skill set
Why not develop only one skill?
I found an answer to this question in episode 217 of The Collective Podcast with Tim Zarki. Tim is a 3D generalist in Oculus with experience in different artistic spheres, from web design to product design. Who, if not generalists, know much about universality? 
It’s vital to expand your boundaries
In the podcast, Tim advises not focusing on just one direction, even if you’re successful in it. A seasoned professional may find it hard to transfer to a new, unknown sphere. However, you should overcome these novice fears. To develop, you need the courage to explore new horizons that you know nothing about. 

It’s hard, but you need to do this for balanced growth. Only balanced growth will help you understand how these different spheres are in fact connected. Beyond your comfort zone, you’ll learn how one sphere transforms into another, and how different skills complement each other perfectly. 

To create and complete large-scale projects, you need sufficient knowledge in different spheres. There is no need to become an advanced pro in every field, but it always helps to have at least a basic understanding of something new, especially if you take an active interest in it.
Fusion is a key to success
Novices often focus on an unattainable goal - honing a single skill to perfection. However, this goal can lead you to burnout much quicker than to success. 

This idea is perfectly illustrated by the infographics of Tomas Pueyo - an engineer and TEDx speaker.
How much should you work to become the best in some skill
What does this infographic say? To reach the top 10% in one skill, you need much less effort than to transfer from the top 10% to top 5%. Basically, growth of competition is exponential, as well as your personal progress. 

This doesn’t mean that you should forget about becoming the best and putting other development on hold. But to stand out of the crowd as a truly unique specialist, you need to combine skills. Here’s why.  
Combination of 2 skills
Two different mid-level skills compensate and supplement each other. That’s a clear and effective skill set. 

Now let’s imagine that you have not two, but four to six skills. There are fewer people with that identical skill set than there are those who possess each of those skills separately. Thus, your competition is reduced.

Many of you know the example of Steve Jobs. His knowledge of design and typography helped him create a genuinely successful product. Now let’s add presentation and public speech skills. Such directions as software development, design, and communication by themselves can be someone’s primary specialization, but if combined together, they open new possibilities for a well-rounded professional. 
Keep putting one foot in front of the other.
To succeed professionally, you don’t need to become the best in a single skill. A combination of useful skills in one universal skill set can distinguish you as a unique specialist. 

Your unique skill set development is a long, challenging process. It’s easy to deviate from it, being distracted by unrelated things or stumbling in your attempts. But remember, there are no ready formulas or ideal solutions for success. Everything is individual, and dependent upon your interests and goals. 
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